Encolado de alta frecuencia

With high-frequency gluing technique
Without high-frequency gluing technique

What is the Amargós technique?

Amargós does not see door frames as simple timber structures made from single pieces of unprocessed wood without any further elaboration. A door frame is as important as the structural part of a building. It must be of the very highest quality to avoid later complications which may, over time, turn into serious problems.

The technique used by Amargós to guarantee maximum quality for its customers is the high-frequency gluing technique.

After extensive treatment, the pieces of sustainably sourced spruce are cut into small bars which are then glued back together. This high-frequency gluing technique means that the grain of the wood, which tends to cause warping and deformation, is neutralized.

The results are unbeatable. The vertical lengths of the frame are completely straight and solid. The door will fit perfectly every time and the sub-frames do not need to be planed. Most important of all, this technique avoids both short and long-term deformation in the timber which could cause serious structural problems and mean having to replace the entire frame.