Who are we?

Amargós S.L.U. is a leading Spanish company dedicated to the production and distribution of wooden door frames and sub-frames.

From its foundation by the Amargós brothers José and Manuel in 1973, this Valencian, family-run business has developed both its quality and quantity, and is now able to offer its customers the most advanced products on the market.

After several years dedicated to traditional carpentry, the Amargós brothers decided to specialize in door frames and sub-frames with high added-value: the pieces they use are made from other smaller pieces, using a technique which guarantees that the lengths of timber will not warp, and ensuring that the structure remains intact from the moment of its installation.

Amargós has grown considerably in recent decades. From its beginnings in the early 70s, the company has expanded its staff and product catalogue. It now offers over 2000 references. This high number is due to the fact that Amargós works to customer specifications, creating exclusive products. Amargós can adapt to the needs and requirements of its clients.

Located in Guadassuar (Valencia), the Amargós facilities are spread over 30,000 square metres, including several warehouses which allow for a production capacity of 6000 units per day and large storage facilities, meaning that our customers can be served in a minimum period of time.

Innovation comes from tradition

One of the strengths of the Amargós brothers is their keen interest in innovation, as well as hefty investments in new technologies. The company makes regular trips to international machinery trade fairs, such as those held in Milan and Hanover, to keep abreast of the latest innovations and trends in the sector.

The company has an impressive and unique collection of machinery, which has been designed by its technical engineers and adapted to the special way in which the company works timber. The Amargós manufacturing process is exclusive, and the technical team has created an important range of products based on market demand studies.

Examples include the Kit System, the fastening device which comes pre-installed in traditional wooden frames, the universal head piece, which fits up to 12 different door widths, or the ventilated door frame, which is the latest innovation created to meet new construction regulations. It allows air to flow from one room to another without any visible changes.

The company’s interest in adapting to both the market and its customers needs has led to a doubling in both size and productivity over the past ten years. The excellence of its products has made Amargós the leading Spanish company in the sector.