Ventilated Frame

The latest innovation at Amargós is the ventilated door frame. Its special head piece allows air to circulate from one room to another without compromising acoustic insulation.

The amazing thing about this new type of head piece, which complies with the new Technical Building Code (CTE) for the construction of new houses, is that it does not alter the visible structure of the frame. Rooms are ventilated without any need for making holes in the walls or incorporating other external elements. The aesthetics of the conventional frame are maintained, new regulations are met and air quality is improved.

Also, this ventilation system means that the dimensions of the frame and door need not be altered. This means savings in comparison to other solutions available on the market.

Once the trim has been installed, the head piece becomes invisible. There are no ugly gaps and a traditional finish is maintained.

The CTE solves the need for good quality air throughout a house. Opening doors and windows not only renews the air in a room, it also prevents damp forming in areas where air quality is not at its optimum.

The Amargós ventilated frame improves ventilation but does not affect acoustic insulation or the aesthetics of a room. It also helps avoid problems such as damp.

Technical specifications: the head piece is made entirely from timber and has a number of holes and internal cavities through which air flows at a rate of over 24.6 l/sec for pressures of 100Pa (flow is higher than the requirements set out in the UNE-EN 13141-1:2004 standard). It also provides acoustic insulation of over 43dB in accordance with the UNE-EN 20140-10:1994 standard.

These details have been certified through testing at the Technological Research Centre CIDEMCO-TECNALIA.

The ventilated head piece is available for all frame sizes supplied by Amargós. The model has been patented and registered in the European Union.

The headpiece, made entirely from timber, has internal cavities and holes which allow air to circulate at more than 24.6 l/sec at a pressure of 100 Pa (flow exceeds CTE regulations established in UNE-EN 13141-1:2004). It also provides acoustic insulation for more than 43 dB, in accordance with UNE-EN 20140-10:1994. Data certified by testing at the CIDEMCO-TECNALIA Centre for Technological Research.

The headpiece with aeration system is available for the different frame sizes that we supply. Model has been registered in the EU.