Square bars

These small pieces are used to adjust the size of the door frame and for DIY jobs. They come in a wide range of widths and thicknesses and are usually sold in 270 cm lengths.

Laminated timber square bars

These planed timber pieces have also been sanded on all four faces for a perfect finish. Available from 1 cm x 1 cm square right up to 22 cm x 15 cm, the bars are made from spruce. Amargós can supply these pieces in lengths of up to 5 metres. Each square bar comes packaged and labelled with its own EAN code. As with the frames, the square bars are made using glued, laminated timber meaning that the company can confidently assure customers that the bars will warp far less than with other manufacturing processes.

Fastening device

The fastening device is one of Amargós S.L.U patented innovations. It makes setting door frames into walls considerably less difficult. Unlike typical installations where the builder would have to fix a traditional frame to the wall with nails and risk damaging the timber, this model comes with a pre-installed fastening device. This not only means less labour, it also ensures that the wooden frame will remain intact, as there is no need for further external fastening. Transporting the frames is convenient and safe as the fastening devices are part of the frame itself and do not cause any problems for transportation and storage. Unlike external fastening devices, there is no risk of losing parts as the devices are actually part of the frame.