Frames are timber structures made from two vertical lengths of timber and a head piece. They are used to hold the door to the surrounding wall. The quality of the primary materials and manufacturing standards determine whether or not home owners have trouble with their doors.

The variety of products available from Amargós ensures that our frames can be supplied assembled or unassembled, according to the preferences of individual distributors or large European distribution chains.

The unassembled frames come with a universal head piece, which allows for up to 12 different door widths. This product saves time and provides greater flexibility, as one single product can be used to meet the needs of several specific cases.

As well as this universal head piece, all Amargós frames come with a pre-installed fastening device. This innovative system means that the wooden structures can be fixed to walls far more easily. The non-protruding design of the fastening device allows for easy storage and transport.

The frames come wrapped in lots of two (four vertical pieces and two head pieces), each package with its own EAN code. They can also be sold in single unit packages by request.

Sizes range from 6 cm through to 15.5 cm in width (for larger sizes please consult us), and 3 cm, 4 cm and 4.5 cm thickness for both 203 cm and 211 cm high doors.

Frames for use in plasterboard walls are 3.5 cm thick and do not have the pre-installed fastening device. They are completely smooth on the side which abuts the wall.


Manufactures from 6 cm width through to 15.5 cm width (for larger dimensions please consult us), and in thicknesses of 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5 cm. For door dimensions 203 cm and 211 cm.